E-Store India is a Venture of Axis E-Corp Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It was Started in Year 2016 and is growing year by years.

E-Store India is the retail revolution, that is planned to serve common people grocery and daily need products with best quality and competitive price at the doorsteps. The objective of this store chain is to arrange good quality grocery, FMCG products on best price in the industry.

We are the team of India's best Reatail professionals, business managers and financial experts who are committed to work for the benefits of a common man. E-Store India is against of the high profit taking culture of the market, whereas we provide all branded FMCG products in comparative low cost.

E-store India shopping

E-store India shopping

E-Store India as a company first thinks of his customers benefits so runs various free health camps in association with other companies for the well being of the customers and also provides certified herbal and ayurveda healths products to give customer a happy and healthy life.

Now E-Store India is ready to reach at each and every home of South Asia and the company is establishing its wings in other states of India. We have a wide store chain in the multiple cities of India that is surving the customers all the entire grocery and FMCG range with the brand that they are using in their daily life.

E-Store India is the entity having group of multiple ventures like Grocery, FMCG, Retail as well as F & B (Foods & Beverages), manufacturing units, media and entertainment. Our endeavor is to serve best things to best people none other than We Indian..!


Everything we do is driven by an unbending passion for quality and an unswerving commitment to develop the best products and services in the market.

E-store India Innovation Icon


In today's fast moving global economy, innovation is critical to the survival of our organization. We set our focus on the future, researching of the market needs and requirements so we can lead our company towards long term success.

E-store India Market leadership icon

Market leadership

Fulfilling our requirements of building a better, stronger and more imperishable company for future generations, meeting our promises, adeveloping our people and helping improve communities and the Indian environment.

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People's Company

Attracting, developing and retaining the best talent for our business, challenging our people, establishing a “can-do” attitude and fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.


E-Store India has initiated a new compliance system designed to minimize business risks and ensure compliance with applicable laws and maximizing the results. We have instituted a compliance program that includes pre-emptive and year round training, control and supervision in order to ensure adherence to pertinent laws by the company and all employees and mitigate risks related to violation of laws and regulations.

E-store India shopping

E-store India shopping

Our compliance activities are broadly classified into prevention, monitoring and follow up processes. Prevention activities include employee education; distribution of manuals on compliance, system based self inspections and operation of a help desk to respond to questions on compliance matters. We also keep up to date with the introduction and revision of various laws and regulations. There is a separate team committed to monitoring activities. After dealing with a compliance issue, we analyze the related process and outcome to find the fundamental cause and pursue improvement measures.


At E-Store India we believe our primary responsibility is to operate the best supermarket possible where SHOPPING and WORKING are always a pleasure and where the customer is always provided with real value. In order to complete this objective, employees at E-Store India must be willing to commit themselves: To pursue aggressively sales in all departments by giving our customers friendly, helpful service by offering top quality merchandise at fair prices and by keeping our supermarket and facilities clean and neat and in a condition that reflects the pride of Real Value.


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