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We have always been pioneers in the industry with our vast experience of experts from the globe to bring together a world class brand which is made in India - be it in promoting 'Retail Stores’ when it was unheard of in the Indian market, to growing through 'Franchisee' networks. We understand that continual training is key to this business.

E-Store India has created and perfected a franchise system which has proved to be a successful business model, spelling a win-win situation to all partners.


E-store india Reduced cost

Reduced cost of Investment

E-store india Reduced cost

Proven Higher Return of Investment

E-store india Reduced cost

Special Training

E-store india Reduced cost

Don’t Worry About Further Marketing

E-store india shopping

About Us

E-Store India is a Venture of Axis E-Corp Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It was Started in Year 2016 and is growing year by years.

E-Store India is the retail revolution, that is planned to serve common people grocery and daily need products with best quality and competitive price at the doorsteps. The objective of this store chain is to arrange good quality grocery, FMCG products on best price in the industry.

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E-store india Great Products

Great Products

We pledge in bringing the best , freshest and the fastest at your door step.

E-store india Great Promotions

Great Promotions

We promise to bring to you never before promotions and offers that you simply cannot refuse.

E-store india Great Days

Great Days

Now discounts aren’t just limited to selected days or time. Avail our all year long discounts on selected products

E-store india Great Price

Great Price

We promise to offer the best, lowest and the cheapest in the market.

E-store india Great Punctuality

Great Punctuality

We promise to honour your time and energy. We will deliver on time.

E-store india Great Policies

Great Policies

We pledge in bringing the best , freshest and the fastest at your door step.


E-store india MISSION


Sourcing High Quality Daily Need direct to
customer with best price and work to make every
Indian Happy, Healthy and prosperous.

E-store india VISION


To become big retails system to fulfil customer's
general needs. Work to be a Big market
shareholder in India as Swadeshi system to
compete global competitors.


E Store India is India's revolutionary retail platform to fulfill all the needs of buyers, we are serving an IT, management, retail marketing platform to enhance workability of micro and mid size establishments. In the present scenario, hypermarket and e-tailing system is hampering the business possibilities of traditional market place. This competition is creating low profitability and high expenditure that is responsible for inflation. Finally, the market is almost on the edge of crash-down.

E Store India is an ultimate solution to cover up the margins of small enterprises by creating huge customer footfall through its loyalty customer creating programs through retail marketing and IT system. There are different types of franchise alliance possibilities for those who are willing to start small business ventures in retails, also for those who are running their establishments at present in retail industries.

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E-store india shopping


Apply To Become a Franchise

E-Store India offers you the opporunity to won a successful franchise. Your hard work and dedication will be rewarded by
using our proven formula.

Happy customers

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